FCM can work with you to improve your construction management outcomes in a number of key areas.

Business Management Systems

Are you actively working to continually improve your business and comply with your legal obligations?

We assist our clients establish management systems that fully integrate requirements for quality, safety and environmental management together with meeting the service delivery and performance criteria set by their clients.

The system includes policies, action plans, procedures, project plans, safe work methods statements, risk registers, forms and other essential documentation and management tools.

Once the system is established and effectively implemented FCM can assist you prepare for and attain certification.

After we assist you establish your system, we can keep you informed about relevant legislative changes.

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Tender Preparation (Or put simply, winning more work)

We can assist you consistently prepare tenders to a standard that will win more government and private work.

Are you seeking to win more business from government and private clients?

Tenders, Quotations and Expressions of Interest are used by government and private sector organisations to buy construction services through competitive processes. These may include Request For Tender (RFT), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Expression of Interest (EOI).

FCM can work with you to prepare a winning tender that fully addresses the client’s requirements. We can assist to competitively position your company with a professional and compelling tender and provide advice on pricing and contract compliance.

We understand the complexity of the tendering process and the requirement to obtain best value for money.

With years of experience in preparing successful tenders in the building and construction industry, FCM can provide you with advice to help you to prepare the optimum tender response. There are many traps for new players and we can help you with the dos and don’ts of tender writing.

An investment in our professional assistance to prepare your company’s tender is an investment in your business success.

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Government Prequalification & Accreditation

Most governments operate schemes as part of their procurement process requiring potential contractors and service providers including designers and consultants to meet specific requirements in many critical areas. These areas include financial viability, past performance, technical capacity, legislative compliance, human resource management, licences, insurances, industrial relations and management systems comprising quality, Work Health & Safety and environment.

FCM assists our clients understand the scheme requirements and process, and then work with you to complete and lodge successful applications.

Examples of such government schemes include ACT Government prequalification, NSW Government’s – Department of Commerce prequalification and the federal governments’ Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme.

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Compliance Auditing

Does your company comply with its legal requirements?

Even if a company has a management systems in place, as legislation changes it is important to ensure it remains compliant. This is also a requirement of most government prequalification schemes.

FCM provides a range of management system auditing services aimed at verifying the compliance of our client’s systems with statutory obligations.

The audit involves a review of all system documentation and its effective use in keys areas of the management system including quality, WHS and environmental.

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Industrial Relations Certification

Federal Construction Management is approved by the ACT Government to perform Industrial Relations and Employment (IRE) certification audits. Contractors seeking to tender or perform works on ACT Government construction projects are required to have and maintain a current IRE certificate. These certificates require renewal every 18 months. 

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Contract Administration

What skills and strategies are required for successful commercial outcomes?

Once a project has been won, a company has two levels of commercial arrangements to manage:

  • Relationship with the client as the contracted service provider
  • Relationship with subcontractors, consultants and suppliers as a head contractor or head consultant.

FCM can provide tools and processes to support the commercial aspects of your business including, selection and approval of service providers, progress claims, subcontractor engagement, variations, claims and dispute resolution, programing and administering contracts.

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Personalised training and skills transfer which is customised to suit the individual needs of the client’s workforce and key personnel is a key service we provide.

FCM also delivers quality industry training courses and information seminars covering issues and topics relevant to our clients in the building and construction industry.

In providing the above services we work on clients’ sites and their offices to provide tailored skills training in key areas to improve their business performance and compliance.


Construction Safety Seminars 2013

Wednesday 23.10.2013


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